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The home of Susie Fryar, a certified Raw Vegan Chef and Master Holistic Esthetician.

Her unique perspective and expertise on the body’s inner and outer health.

Susie came upon her life’s purpose to awaken people to a more conscious lifestyle so they can glow from the inside out when she became very ill and could barely leave her bed. It was 2012 and she was living in Las Vegas, a doctor specializing in environmental toxicity treatments revealed that she had three types of heavy metal poisons that included mercury, aluminum, and the worst one was uranium. However, the treatments he prescribed did not work and were expensive. It wasn’t until a friend suggested a protocol that included fasting and raw vegan foods that she was almost completely healed and able to return to work in just two months. Believing this was not just a diet that had healed her but a lifestyle, Susie set out to gift this knowledge to others.

Experienced Organic Holistic Esthetician

With over 17 years of experience as an Organic Holistic Esthetician in Las Vegas, San Diego and now Kona, Hawaii, Susie created “Farm to Face” facial treatments in which she uses only her own handcrafted raw and organic skincare products made from farm fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown locally. Many products she uses during her facial treatments are made fresh on the day of a client’s appointment. The dedication to using high quality, innovative, thoughtful products fits perfectly with her passion for making you glow on the outside; a passion derived from her knowledge about what makes you glow on the inside.

Certified Raw Vegan Chef

Soon after her recovery Susie became a certified Raw Vegan Chef who creates gourmet raw cuisine, Susie has a reputation on the “Big Island” of Hawaii as the chef who can take any recipe and turn it into a delicious raw vegan masterpiece. She loves creating compassionate cuisine that empowers people to eat on a whole new level of consciousness, for the earth, for the animals, and for their bodies while still experiencing the pleasure that comes with tasting and enjoying a fantastic meal. Whether it’s raw vegan desserts, raw vegan nut cheeses made from macadamia nut milk or raw cacao chocolate, Susie not only creates something delicious but infuses each dish with love and healing energy to nourish your body, mind and soul. Her company Fifth Fermension Foods caters to raw vegan yoga retreats as well as detox retreats.

Healthy Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Susie is so passionate about showing people how to live a healthy raw vegan lifestyle that her passion has become her purpose and that is why she created the portal Glow Raw World where she helps people by imparting her knowledge and experience through skincare treatments, superb raw vegan food and her Raw Vegan Lifestyle Retreats, giving them a world that they can thrive in.

Empowering and inspiring people with knowledge and practical, innovative solutions to leading a healthy lifestyle is what Susie is most passionate about and Glow Raw World is the portal with which she can help take you to a life of inspired good health where you can infuse your inner beauty and illuminate your outer beauty.

susie fryarSusie Fryar, is a master organic holistic esthetician, professional raw vegan food chef and living foods lifestyle guide.

She has been in the holistic esthetic skincare industry for over fifteen years and became a raw food chef in 2013. She holds several certifications in advanced esthetics and has trained with the top natural skincare companies in the world such as Yonka Paris, Eminence, and Jurlique.
After becoming raw vegan in 2012 susie started attending raw vegan food workshops and learning from some of the top raw vegan chefs. She knew instantly that she wanted to merge the potent enzymatic raw vegan food ingredients she was using into her skincare products to give her clients the purest skincare and facials possible. Susie is certified in Reiki and is a yoga enthusiast who practices everyday. She is a living foods lifestyle guide who helps people through the transition of becoming raw by demystifying it, teaching that anybody can go down the raw path and thrive.

Susie started Fifth Fermension Foods making raw vegan foods and fermented veggie products after moving to the Big island of Hawaii in 2013. She started catering yoga retreats and detox retreats on the island, bringing all of her talents and passions together in a symbiotic way. Susie loves traveling the world, swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii, and supporting local farms the vegan and yoga community how ever she can. "I truly believe that the raw vegan lifestyle has the potential to heal our earth, the animals and our mind, body, spirit." Namaste

Susie created Fifth Fermension Foods Raw Vegan detox retreats. Susie is an avid yoga enthusiast and Intuitive health counselor on the island of Hawaii where she opened the first skincare spa dedicated to using only raw vegan Skincare products that she custom formulates for her clients called Glow RAW Skin Spa.


(Lunapule Professional Plaza)
75-127 Lunapule Rd Suite 8D,
Kailua Kona, Hi, 96740 MAP
(808) 664-5813