Susie Fryar

Esoteric Knowledge

The 21.12 Golden Divine Gateway opens to the higher frequencies of The Solar Cosmic Christ Light

Infinite Waves of Solstice Blessings Let us celebrate the return of the light! A very high-frequency energy is flooding the …

Esoteric Knowledge

On the Energies

We are in the Lions Gate Portal, which is very much open.  The Lions Gate is a Cosmic Portal.  During …

Esoteric Knowledge

Lions Gate Portal

I know many feel deep concern and sadness for the pod of whales grounding themselves. I tuned into the pod …

Elevated Products

Ormus, Modern Day Alchemy For The Skin

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements also known as Ormus ORME is the name given to the platinum group that includes gold, …

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