There are literally thousands of gadgets and skincare treatments claiming to be the next best thing for keeping your skin looking like you’re aging gracefully. I get tons of emails and questions about this all the time from women and men asking me my opinion on this gadget or that product and here is the deal. So a lot of the gadgets out there do work a little bit, but are you going to see a major difference in a short amount of time? My answer would be no. I study many different technologies that trend in skincare and very rarely do they warrant the hundreds of dollars they usually cost. I see women who want to stay off the Botox trend really fall for the marketing of these products because they want to use the more natural route to anti-aging. 

So the question is, what does work? Well, I have studied the lymphatic system for over a decade now and it plays a huge part in how the body ages, how it keeps us from becoming diseased, and how our skin looks. The lymph system runs through our whole body with many lymphatic nodes in our face, our neck, our chest, and many other places under the skin surface. As my teacher, Dr. Robert Morse always says, “It’s the body’s sewage system,” meaning that the lymphatic fluid in our body helps to move toxins through the body and out of the body ideally and eventually. This is not always the case though as the lymphatic system can become stagnated and not flow very well over time because of a myriad of reasons from improper diet and lifestyle choices or even trauma to certain areas of the body and many other reasons. So this is where things like lymphatic drainage and massage become very important as well as certain herbs that help to get the stagnant system flowing again.

Facial cupping has started to become more and more popular as different companies and skincare experts have developed better and better tools to use at home. Most people have tried body cupping either with a trained massage therapist or usually a skilled acupuncturist who use glass or silicone cups placed on the back and suctioned to move around the skin to increase lymph fluid movement and bring toxins and circulation to the area. This works very well.

With the invention of these smaller cups made from silicone that are gentle suction when placed on the face with a serum to help glide the cups around in a sliding motion starting at the jawline, then working your way up to the forehead the whole face becomes slightly pink temporarily as the blood circulation in the face is being brought to the surface of the skin and stagnant fluid that has built up in the skin from sleeping horizontal all night and builds up under the eyes and in the cheeks this cupping works amazingly to move these fluids around then through that lymphatic system. Puffiness magically disappears and skin starts to glow! I have used my cupping kit every morning for about 6 months now and I love this easy technique and the results. It’s one of the best things I have ever tried on my skin and it literally takes like five minutes to do the whole face. This is a trend that actually works and the other thing I love is that it is all-natural, just use a few drops of your favorite serum and start cupping. Glowing skin for the win.


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Susie Fryar

Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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