I know many feel deep concern and sadness for the pod of whales grounding themselves. I tuned into the pod and wasn’t personally surprised at why they are doing this, because I experienced something similar last fall when my healthy cat chose his exit point as soon as the Lyran stargate opened.
I saw the whales going to another dimension (home) no longer in need of their physical Earth bodies.  They completed their mission on Earth to assist with the ascension and the stargate to return home is now open during this very powerful Lions Gate 8:8 portal. They are choosing their exit point on this dimension. Many others have been choosing to return home too. When it is my time to return home, celebrate with me. Don’t mourn me.
I feel the deep love and gratitude from the whales to all those trying to assist them, and sending them love for their beautiful service to the Earth. Viewers noted the whales made a heart formation before grounding themselves. They are sending love to Earth before they journey home.

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Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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