We are in the Lions Gate Portal, which is very much open.  The Lions Gate is a Cosmic Portal.  During this time, the veil between us and the other realm is really thin which opens us up to very spiritual energies, and we can connect with the other realm easier. Many of you who are galactic are receiving more messages from your star family.  These are some of the most powerful energies of the year.  Huge amounts of energy are coming into our planet right now, many of them from the center of our galaxy.

The Great Central Sun, the Sun, Orion, Sirius, and the Earth are all coming into alignment.  They will fully align 8/8 as Orion’s Belt aligns with The Pyramids of Giza.  This opens a Sirian Stargate. When the 8/8 Portal activates the entire planet will be flooded with a huge influx of light. It will activate the entire Earth, ley lines, and consciousness grid.  These are the energies of Heaven merging with Earth. These energies are giving us a chance to activate our crystalline DNA.  That’s why using the energies of the Lions Gate can help you tap into your soul’s wisdom.

We also have an Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st. This Full Moon will be supercharged with the energies of the Lions Gate Portal.  It will be super strong, as it’s also a Super Moon.  It’s helping us to focus on the path ahead.  It’s shining a light on things so that you can see what’s coming up more clearly.  It’s meant to steer you to the right path toward your destiny.  This Full Moon is bringing a lot of healing and cleansing energies.  It’s also meant to help you shift into your full potential, and who you were always meant to be.


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Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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