Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements also known as Ormus ORME is the name given to the platinum group that includes gold, silver, and copper. The liquid light-infused elements are single atoms in a high spin state which it is said, gives the water where the Ormus is found, such as ocean water and high altitude spring water, superconductive properties for rapid cell and energetic communication in the body. Also called the “elements of life”, these elements are easily absorbed and highly bio-available to the cells in all living things. Making them perfect for remineralization on a cellular level. 

In essence, Ormus taken internally and/or topically has the ability to transform people at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Ancient alchemists knew it to be the “elixir of life”. The fact that these elements appear abundantly in seawater, in rocks, plants, animals, fresh spring water, and most prevalent in aloe vera plants grown in volcanic soil is an amazing discovery in itself. This makes me think about how aloe has always been revered as a healing plant for the skin. It is literally radiating liquid light.

I first discovered these amazing properties of Ormus for the skin when my partner at the time was creating his Ormus products and we were testing them out on ourselves. Some of the liquid Ormus he had alchemized from the Hawaii ocean water near where we live got onto our hands and when I touched the now dried Ormus on my skin it felt powdery soft like velvet almost. I wiped it off many minutes later and my skin felt amazing, the texture on my hand was silky and soft and looked more hydrated than my other hand, like the texture had changed. It lasted for days like this! Being a skincare expert and holistic esthetician I knew that this was something I needed to test and research for the skin.

This personal experience and discovery, and later all the knowledge I learned from experts in the field of study of Ormus and these very special properties, was a gift that others should know about and to be shared by infusing the Ormus concentrate into many of the GLOW RAW products and facials. The gratitude of this discovery is beyond words.

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Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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