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Anjani S.
April 15, 2016
Testimonial for Susie

I have been receiving facials from Susie for several months now. I am extremely satisfied and enjoy her work in many ways. First of all she offers raw and organic facials. This is an unusual and important combination to me.

Included in her fabulous facial treatments is cleansing, exfoliation, masks, lymphatic drainage massage, steam and extractions.

Susie has a unique and understatedly powerful way about her. She is present, has a wide base of knowledge, has incredibly healing and gentle hands and a very intuitive touch. In addition, she creates and uses her own products. She understands the body and health and our skin.

I also go to her for facial waxing including eyebrows, lip and chin. She has a very wonderful wax that is gentle and does an excellent job. The hairs grow back very slowly and I am extremely satisfied with the waxing she performs.

I have been receiving facials for many decades from all over the world and from all sorts of practitioners. I appreciate that she is very attentive to details. I am delighted to share that the facial treatments I receive from Susie is my very favorite ever!

The treatment room itself is designed to relax soothe and nourish. A very healing environment indeed. There are waterfalls, music for the soul, and beautiful art. Simply walking into this space you can feel it was created powerfully and intentionally.

I highly recommend Susie and Glow Raw to anybody interested in receiving a potent healing treatment. Please gift yourself and experience Susie's hands and energy. It is truly an amazing transformational experience.
March 25, 2016
Susie is kind warm and loving she has a gentle touch, she listens, and cares for the comfort of her clients and does not rush during the facials. Simply put she's the BEST!
mary rubin
December 13, 2015
Brenna said heavenly facial and that said it all. I am 72 and need all the help I can get. Boy did I get it, I can't say enough about Susie's gift from God. Thank you Susie for sharing it with me and I can't wait for my next heavenly visit
December 7, 2015
My yoga teacher told us about Susie. She raved about her 90 minutes of heaven. I called and left a message. Susie got right back to me and we set up a facial. She asked me about myself and I was immediately struck by her warmth. I checked out the website. It all sounded fantastic so I added A body scrub. When I arrived I was welcomed by the dearest smile. The space is enchanting to start with but then I noticed how much was done just for me. Fresh flowers on the treatment table and elsewhere were just the beginning of the thoroughly lavish experience that was to follow. Susie creates what she calls 'farm to face' treatments many of which were made fresh for me earlier in the day that I came. I was fascinated as well as thoroughly delighted, relaxed, and pampered with it all and asked many questions. Susie has been at this for over 15 years and she is so expert. Her website says she's a 'master holistic esthetician.' As she applied one glorious layer after layer after layer she would quietly inform me of what it was and how it would benefit my skin. She also treated my hands and feet! I felt so cared for and relaxed--almost transported. It really was an incredible pleasure to experience. And the prices are ridiculous! Call her. You won't regret it. Oh! My skin feels fantastic still. It's six days later!
September 2, 2015
I had the most heavenly facial ever from Susie. Her office space is so soothing and beautiful. You feel like you've stepped into another dimension, and you have! Her facials take you on a journey of deep nourishment. I love that she creates her own products, and is extremely knowledgeable about skincare. I will be getting regular facials from her from now on!
July 21, 2015
Aloha. I loved my GlowRAW facial! My face was sunburned and peeling when I went to see Susie and my face looked amazing after she worked her magic. Her products smell beautiful and were perfect for my sensitive skin. Susie is highly professional and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Mahalo, Susie!
Teresa (Las Vegas)
July 19, 2015
Oh my goodness...where to begin :-) I was blessed to meet Susie and Casey at an awesome store I work at in Las Vegas, Herbally Grounded. Our meeting was divinely orchestrated and a story in and of itself ;-) To stay on point for this testimonial haha I set up an appointment for a facial including followups, which to this day are the most amazing spa experiences I have ever had. I was very picky about esthetics as I had struggled with skin issues from my teens into early thirties at which time I stopped all of the nonsense- i.e. going to dermatologists and various skin spas where at least in my experience did nothing but exasperate the problem as they are missing key elements, namely "inside out" and how damaging the chemicals are for reasons beyond being toxins. Going into my 30s I had learned a lot on my journey and went internal and also removed chemicals from my space. Upon doing this, my "whole" life changed. It was the first time since my early teenage years that my face was completely clear, tone and texture amazing and that I had ever felt so good. Due to a stressful time at 37, I out of no where began breaking out again and bad. I needed extra help externally to supplement what I was doing internally. I had no idea where to go or who would be able to support my desire for clean, pure, organic, chemical free, cruelty free products and who also understood the body holistically. I just assumed do my own treatments at home if I couldn't find the right partnership ;) And, as we all know, doing this at home is nothing like being pampered. This is when I found Susie and she fit what I wanted and then some; what she did for me was unbelievable!! Pampered is an understatement and her services went beyond my already finicky request. When I arrived Casey handed me a homemade nourishing juice, and it was a spiritual experience just upon walking into the "treatment" room which felt just like we dream of when we think of "spa". I had never been to a spa that actually lived up to the dream haha Susie goes past the extra mile and truly cares about you mind, body and spirit. All of the senses are reached. When she was done with the treatment I could have laid in that bed for the rest of the night it was so relaxing. The room itself felt like pure bliss. As it turned out, it was not "just" a facial. She intuits the visit and adds any extra healing modalities necessary based on the services you choose, gives advice on what to do before the next visit (if you desire, which you will!!) and her homemade products are nothing short of amazing. One of my favorites was a Pumpkin mask. It smelled so fresh and soothing and it wasn't one you use frequently though I sure wanted to!! It's quite an awesome sensation these fresh products give. I am eternally grateful to call Susie and Casey soul family, as such I have been able to indulge in their amazing foods and knowledge of as well. Every meal so full of nutrients, enzymes, minerals etc... So yummy and fulfilling and you feel wonderful and full of energy after! I was fortunate to have this experience just before their journey led them away from Las Vegas and I encourage you to spoil yourself in what they give to this world.... Nourishing wholly in every sense of the word!
June 8, 2015
Glow RAW Skin Spa thank you SO much for such a glorious and amazing ...RAW Facial! I hate getting blackheads squeezed from my face, so I LOVED whatever that pineapple exfoliate was that left my skin clear without feeling all the pain! And thank you so much for taking care of me -- it felt so good to be attended to. Can't wait to come again for another treatment.
Emme K
June 8, 2015
Susie is an absolute joy!! When I go to get my waxing done I leave feeling so beautiful, clean, refreshed, and full of new knowledge!! It's not just a waxing ap...pointment, it's a true learning experience!!! At todays waxing I learned how to protect my skin from the inside out using all natural raw foods and oils! I also picked up her new homemade all natural hair conditioner that I can't wait to try out! I feel like I'm on my own little retreat when I enter her "office" the smells, sounds, and energy is always just what I'm needing! I recommend her always!!!!! Your the best Susie!! Xoxo
Jenna R
April 15, 2015
"Susie Fryar is one of the most special people I have ever crossed paths with. Her passion for raw food and nutrition is beyond inspiring and life changing to anyone who crosses her path. She truly is genuine and passionate about sharing her knowledge of how to take care of your skin, raw food, and nutrition. And this resonates when you are in her glowing presence. My favorite treatment she offers is the Violet Ray my skin has never glowed so bright and felt so smooth. But any treatment received by Susie is 100% satisfactory and filled with love and warmth due to her purest intentions that resonate. To show people how to glow and live healthy is the most rewarding thing you will gain by getting any treatment done by Susie Fryar. "
Sara B.
April 7, 2015
I absolutely can not believe what came out of my ear during the ear candle treatment! Since the treatment I have honestly felt more vibrant, clear headed, and balanced. I also got my arms and partial face wax. Amazing overall experience. Highly recommended! Susie Fryar has a soft touch, and a powerful energy. Will be going back soon to get my legs waxed..... if i can bear to let the hair grow out long enough! :) Namaste"
February 15, 2015
"The most incredible spa experience I've ever had, hands down! Susie makes all her own raw and organic products and most of them she makes FRESH, right before the appointment! She took extra time with extractions for my oily prone skin and even added a little Voilet Ray treatment that kills all bacteria on the skin! Every product smells delicious and felt so extravagant, she used a hot Lavender, Oat, and Baking Soda mask, followed by a cooling Aloe, Avocado, and Peppermint Mask. Once applied she gently added fresh peppermint leaves to the more inflammation prone areas on my face. In addition to all that, Susie used high grade crystals to rid my body of any damage done by harmful cell phone/microwave/digital waves. In the massage portion she used Reiki (energy work) strokes that were so amazing. During the whole process she had a steady stream of doTerra aromatherapy going and used the Lemongrass oil (my favorite!). At the end she gave me juicing, raw vegan living, and organic beauty products tips and shared a little about how she came into this lifestyle. I'm a massage therapist and for me to be pampered in such a quality manner (for over an hour and a half!) was truly special. Susie glows from the inside out and I will definitely be a new regular."


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