Infinite Waves of Solstice Blessings

Let us celebrate the return of the light!

A very high-frequency energy is flooding the Earth and bringing Blessings and Magic!

I (your name) invoke these 21.12 Solar Cosmic Christ Light key codes of light to pass through

every atom, cell, electron,

within this form of mine

Flowing through, filling, and renewing

every cell of my mind and body right now, to fully enter and anchor into all parts of me – releasing my highest potential

Divine alchemy occurred, and new Light Codes are activated


 “What if you were standing in front of a huge portal…

A massive golden door…

As the portal opens up, you see in front of you a vast and most amazing landscape unfolding, a new way of life, a life of harmony, peace, serenity, and living from the Heart and Soul.

What if the Guardians of this portal, ask of you only one thing – that you shed your old life, your old way of thinking, acting, and being, and assume a new and higher frequency body, and Heart filled with Love, Peace, Serenity, and Living from the Heart and Soul and you have to commit 100% to that?

Would you agree to that?

That is what we are asked to do at this moment in time…

The choice is yours.. ~ 

🤍 Susie


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Picture of Susie Fryar

Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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