Every single aspect of our lives, what we use topically, what our nutrition intake is like, what we intake through our eyes as in our experiences, what we say to other people and to others, and how we live, on a daily basis is what radiates out. This is why Glow Raw World creates Quantum Healing, intentional and positive products. Created with living and high life force elements.

A study from Japan concluded that in each human, bioluminescence exists that is visible in light – the result of free radicals produced through cell respiration with free-floating lipids and proteins. These molecules are interconnected with fluorescent chemical compounds that emit a quantum of the electromagnetic field. We are literally radiating light.

My nephew told me a story about when he and his girlfriend at the time decided to hike in a cave in Hawaii. These caves are actually giant lava tubes that can run for miles underground. They lost their way inside the cave and soon had no light at all after both their cell phones no longer had a charge. 

They were very far back in the cave, maybe half a mile. Complete darkness became their reality. They decided to sit down and try not to walk as it was actually impossible. As they sat there talking to each other desperate for a plan to arise, they noticed that even though it was pitch black in the cave, when they spoke it created a faint glow almost unnoticeable but still visible. A spark of light each time one of them started to speak. They couldn’t even see their hand in front of their face but a glow emitted each time they spoke. Both of them witnessed this and it was profound to them. It reminded me, we do glow.

Sun Glow Serum was born out of the need to have natural UV-filtering skincare without the use of chemical sunblocks. Skincare that’s living and can be a mindful ceremony each time you massage it into your skin and hold space for your deep appreciation and self-love. This product and all the products in the skincare line are elevated by infusing them with monoatomic gold elements and pure life and health-giving ingredients.`

Using active plant-based ingredients that are living by using cold processing, wildcrafted and organic herbs, and pure plant distillates is Nourishment on a cellular level. Key ingredients like Hawaiian raspberry seed oil, moringa oil, and Hawaii Kukui nut oil, all have natural UVA UVB protection similar to a sunblock of about SPF 28-50. This is the perfect product to wear as your daily hydration. The monoatomic gold elements infused into the products are received through the skin and into the energetic centers of the body creating superconductivity in the organs, glands, and body systems to emit profound healing from deep within and creating the outer glow. Alive and Ageless skincare that has purposeful intention.

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Picture of Susie Fryar

Susie Fryar

Susie is the radiant soul behind Glow Raw World. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of detox guidance and ceremonial skincare.
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