What you consume determines your souls evolutionary process

So what is it that we consume?We consume physically and mentally and energetically. So let me unpack this for you. You are what you eat. You have heard this. But what does that really mean? Everything single thing in this dimension on this earthly planet holds a measurable vibration. A frequency. Some things are very dense energy and some are noticeably lighter. Meat, a steak for instance when eaten is going to feel more heavy and dense in your body than a cup of raw berries. The steak will take days to digest and the berries will digest within an hour. The process it takes to digest the dense meat is quite a different journey than the berries. It’s actually a lot harder to digest the meat and taking a lot more energy which can make you feel lethargic or in some people like a stimulant yes meat is a stimulant just like caffeine. So you can have an initial burst of energy then come down from it and crash feeling lethargic. The berries are pure energy your body and brain love fructose and the body knows how to process it better than any other sugar. The fruit digests quickly and the body takes in every part of the fruit and there is very little waste coming from the body. When you eat food this clean and natural everyday as your primary source of food not only does your body become super efficient digester things start to change spiritually, yes spiritually. I personally have fasted on just fruit or fruit juice for long periods of time and things start to shift dramatically. Even more benefit comes from what’s called “Dry Fasting “You become very clear and your consciousness is elevated. Not to say you can’t elevate eating meat but you will do accomplish this at warp speed eating mostly fruit. Let’s talk about what you consume mentally. That would be media of any kind, music, and even speaking with others. You become what you take in. Your thoughts effect your whole body and mind and your frequency that you emit, called your Auric field. How do you feel when you see something uplifting and positive versus something dark and depressing? We sometimes think entertainment like a good movie for instance, is nothing more than that but because our bodies are made up of mostly water and it has already been proven by the renowned Doctor Emoto that water is effected by sound or vibrations the crystals of water studied became distorted when looked at under the microscope and the water was unhealthy looking. When positive sounds like certain musics that were soothing or uplifting or words spoken to it like the word “love” the water crystals were beautiful to look at and perfectly formed. This is why drinking fresh spring water and not from a bottle you buy in the store in plastic has a tremendous effect on our health and elevating it. Your soul evolves quite differently if you are surrounded by positive things. How do you consume energetically? Just like those times you have experienced a draining feeling after someone speaks to you negatively or is even talking about a situation that is negative. You end up consuming some of their negative energy. So what you can do is cultivate situations that are positive and leave ones that are not positive. Eat high vibrational foods which is fresh fruit and then raw veggies as your predominant foods even consider adopting a raw plant based lifestyle.Be in nature, consuming those types of vibrations instead of social media or any media as it is a type of programming and can effect you and even your immune system. Keep it very minimal or long breaks away from it as much as possible. Choose to be around people that are positive and don’t gossip or speak negatively. Cultivate meditation everyday even just a 5 minute quiet time is amazing. Your soul will evolve efficiently, faster, and a more profoundly than you could imagine…. it’s a reset and a reprogramming so it is a process but the rewards have been amazing, I am so grateful.

Mahalo, so much love, namaste.

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